I, B.Krishnakumar, have been tracking stock and commodity markets since 1995. I started my career at The Hindu Business Line newspaper and was writing weekly columns until May 2006.

After my stint with the Dow Jones Newswires, I worked with www.FundsIndia.com for a brief while.

My objective is to help traders learn simple and consistent ways to trade the market. This site would feature quality research inputs to facilitate investment and trading decisions.

In search of the “Holy Grail”, I read through Elliott Wave Theory, a bit of W.D.Gann and almost every other technical indicator being dished out.

After a while I realised that these indicators are mere crutches and a set of simple tools and plain price action are more than enough to make money in the market.

At the end of the day, it is all about controlling your emotions and managing your risk. After spending so many years, I realised that there is no Holy Grail or secrets to super normal profits in trading / investment.

I am always driven by the quote “Take care of the losses and the profits will take care of themselves”. The other quote I always remember is “Losing an opportunity costs nothing…but rushing into a trade early could erode my capital”.

I am not a SEBI Registrered Analyst and the contents of the site is for educational purposes only.

Neither I nor my family shall be held responsible for the outcome of your decisions based on the contents of this site.

You can reach me at bkrish16@gmail.com

Follow me at http://twitter.com/#techtrail

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  1. I attend all your technical seminars on Friday. I am your big fan, because I like the way you do technical analysis. It is scientific and convincing. I am interested in learning the technic you adopt. I Would like to visit your blog mapping mkt.
    Regularly. Thanks

  2. Very informative topics you are discussing. Great job. At least it will help to some retail investors like me

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